This Week’s Trivia Clues

Thank you for your continuing support for Leujam Trivia, we try very hard to give you the best trivia show every week and will continue to do our very best to entertain you. If you have a subject or picture you would like to have added to the show, feel free to email us at

Pick up clues to each show on our website or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Below you will find a Washington schedule for Leujam Trivia:

Monday’ U-Village Ram 10pm

Tuesday Northgate Ram 10pm

Wednesday Steilacoom Pub and Grill 7pm

Wednesday Kent Station Ram 9:45pm

Wednesday Issaquah Ram 9:30pm

Thursday Federal Way Ram 10:00pm

Here are your game number 521 Leu’s Clues for trivia. My new facebook page for Leujam Entertainment is looking really good these days, if you get a chance check it out facebook/Leujam. I’ve been laying out clues to my twitter followers as a little freebie treat, follow me and you could get the edge on the team sitting next to you that has no clue.

  1. Game one
    1. We see, they saw, we all got together in the end to kill crickets for a BBQ.
  2. Game two
    1. Mixed audio & video bag
  3. Game three
    1. I have eaten cheese for as long as I can remember. The one cheese that sticks in my mind is brie, the brie cheese reminds me of a snowflake or a tab soda. The flavor is there but there but the packaging is odd.
  4. Game four
    1. Name that celebrity

Hope to see everyone at a trivia location near you. If you have show idea’s or a special shout out during a show just email me at again thank you for your continuing support.

-David Leu

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